About us

Al-Subaie Law Firm and Consultations is one of the most distinguished law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the office includes a select group of qualified cadres that include scientific and practical experience covering the legal and legal aspects in its various fields. The office also has a group of cooperating consultants inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, formed Thus, a cohesive work team is always honored to harness its services and skills in the interest of its valued customers, and provides its services through the main office in the capital, Riyadh.

Practice Areas

Dispute resolution

Litigation and pleading

Legal advice

contract drafting

Examination of case files

intellectual property

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We are proud of our customers and are happy with their contacts and visits to us. We discuss all tastes “in one session” to start a detailed practical communication process until we reach the desired result.

You can contact us through the following numbers or leave your consultations and we will reply to you as soon as possible. 0551113550